Working Towards A Goal


As the New Year rolls around each year, people begin to make goals for themselves to improve their lives with a  start fresh. But as time goes on in the year, some begin to lose their motivation and forget about those New Year’s Resolutions made on January 1. This year, it’s especially important to have some new goals for this year because of the rollercoaster of the year in 2020 with the Coronavirus pandemic. 

Brenden Scranton, a senior at Greater Latrobe is working hard to make sure that he completes his objectives that he set at the beginning of the year. “My New Year’s resolution is to make the rest of my senior year and the summer as good as possible given the circumstances we are all in at the moment,” Scranton said. 

Brenden realizes that this goal is truly something that he wants to accomplish because of how special he knows it is. “This resolution means a lot to me because I want the rest of my senior year to be as good and fun as possible since we have missed out on so much in the last year,” Scranton said. 

Scranton knows that in order to reach his goal, he needs to work hard so that he can feel proud by the end of the year. “I’m going to keep my grades up, hopefully our teachers will decrease our workload some, and keep in communication and see my friends as much as possible while still following all the guidelines,” Brenden said. 

This year is an important year to make resolutions to Brenden because of important events coming up such as graduation and growing up to head off to college, but it’s something that he enjoys to do every year when the time comes around. “I like setting New Year’s resolutions because it gives you a goal to start off the year and gives you something to keep working towards,” Scranton said. 

Another student that is passionate about setting New Year’s resolutions is Jordan Desko. Desko, a senior, gets excited each year to set some intentions on which she intends to fill with her determination. “I want to complete a random act of kindness every day,” Desko said. 

Jordan enjoys being kind to others to help change their lives and bring a little sunshine to someone with her deeds. “I am doing this not only to help myself, but also also others by maybe making someone’s day to make it a little brighter,” Desko said. 

Jordan is going to make sure to keep this resolution through documentation throughout the year. “I’m going to make sure I write something kind that I do every day,” Desko said.

Always setting goals for herself, Jordan especially likes to set them in the New Year so that she has something to work towards and look back and be proud of what she has accomplished. “I enjoy having a new resolution each year because I like having new challenges,” Desko said. 

These young adults are motivated to keep the promises they made at the beginning of this year because of how important they are when they make them. With their persistence, these goals should be something that are easy to complete within the year. New Year’s resolutions should be made and kept more often because all the progress that goes into them is something to be proud of for anyone.