With the holidays coming around the corner and a break off school, teens are doing many things to celebrate and have a fun time off of school. One of the things that friends like to get together and do when Thanksgiving comes around is have a friendsgiving, a time for a group of friends to get together and make a bunch of food, hang out, and have fun. Many highschool teens and college students like to make this a yearly tradition with their friends. 

Since the coronavirus has arised this year, holidays have changed majorly and will be drastically different. There are a lot of recommendations for many different people to stay home and not be with family to try and keep people safe, which this can be sad for many people. Although everyone is so used to being with all of their family and seeing family that they don’t see as often. 

Some people could be concerned about doing a friendsgiving and wondered if it would possible this year, but it is still able to happen if people take the right precautions. With that being said, friends have still been able to see each other throughout the virus and have been hanging out with each other. Since this is happening it can be safe for them to get together and do something to celebrate the holidays. People are being safe while having fun at the same time and friendsgiving is something that can happen and follow this at the same time.

A lot of friend groups enjoy getting together and having a friendsgiving and everyone bringing some kind of food that represents Thanksgiving. This is time for everyone to get together and celebrate the holiday and have fun with each other. Many people and friend groups have made this a tradition every year to come together. Even students at colleges have participated in this before leaving for break. They will get together and have their own friendsgiving with all of their roommates and college friends before everyone goes home for the holidays. Although this year some friendsgivings will be smaller due to covid, but groups of friends are still trying to get together and make it happen so they all get to see each other. This is great time to get closer to each other and have fun while still doing something different than a normal family get together for the holiday. Many people are having a hard time trying to do all the traditions that they usually do on Thanksgiving will all these recommendations due to virus and everything happening right now. While that is putting a strain on some things everyone is still getting to do most of the things they would usually do and celebrate another Thanksgiving.