The Disney Magic Never Dies For Any Age


Katie Ulicine

Katie Ulicine poses with two of her favorite Disney characters, Mickey and Goofy.

“Where Dreams Come True.” The popular slogan of Disney, a company who is loved by millions of people around the world and brings families together over the magic it provides in their hearts. Disney is more loved by children ever since it was created by Walt Disney October 16, 1923 with various movies and even theme parks in numerous locations around the world. Even though Disney is loved by children, teenagers and adults still love the famous company as they get older. But, you can never be too old for something that is meant to be enjoyed by children. That’s something Katie Ulicine lives by every day as she has grown up loving Disney and still has so much appreciation for it as an adult.

Katie Ulicine, a senior at Greater Latrobe Senior High,has loved Disney ever since she was a child and even wants a career with the company as an imagineer when she gets older. Even though she is an adult now, her love has not died down for anything that involves Disney. “One of the best parts about Disney is that it can make even the oldest person as though they are a kid again. No matter how old you are, you can always be a fan of Disney magic,” said Ulicine. 

Katie especially likes the message that is behind everything that involves Disney and thinks it’s something that everybody needs to know and understand no matter what age you are. “I’ve always liked Disney ever since I was a kid. As I grew older, I realized how amazing the company really is and I became extremely passionate about it. Disney emphasizes the importance of following your dreams or finding your “happily ever after” which is a lesson everyone should learn,” said Ulicine.

Ulicine also enjoys the little things that make the magic come alive for anybody and it’s one of the things that made her fall in love with Disney even more. “Whenever you were a kid, you believed that magic was real. Pixie dust could make you fly, or a genie that lives in a magic lamp will grant you three wishes. All of these stories were real, but as you grew older, you realized that they were only fairytales. It was Walt Disney’s, the original imagineer and creator of Disney, goal to create a place where magic was real. My favorite part of Disney is that no matter how old you are, that moment when you walk into Disney, you become a part of the story and magic,” said Ulicine.

Katie believes that Disney makes her the happiest and has shaped her personality to who she is today and she wouldn’ttrade her love for the company for anything in the world. She never wants to lose the feeling of the happiness that Disney has brought her which is a reason she would love to have a career working for them to change the world with her ideas.. “Disney lets you relive your carefree childhood dreams. Because of my love for Disney, wearing Mickey ears everywhere, meeting princesses, light saber fights, and all of the other childlike activities sound like a day in paradise to me, and I’m 18! Whenever I think of Disney, and especially when I’m at Disney World, all of my stress and worries are replaced with pure happiness,” said Ulicine.  Katie never wants to lose the feeling of the happiness that Disney has brought her which is a reason she would live to have a career working for them. She can’t wait to help construct new sites for the company to add even more magic for everyone to enjoy for years to come and her passion is more than enough to help her achieve her dream.

Even as people get older and outgrow things that they deem too childish for them anymore, their love for Disney is something that never dies because of the pure joy it can bring to anyone’s heart in an instance, especially Katie Ulicine.It’s something that brings people together and can make anyone happy with all the elements they provide for any age. Don’t let your age define what you should love, especially when it comes to something as great as Disney magic.