Random Acts of Kindness: Show the World a Little Love


In this world today, people commonly complete nice deeds only to ask in the end “What’s in it for me?”. Random acts of kindness are scarce nowadays due to the fact that people expect something in return instead of just doing them to show kindness to someone. World Kindness Day is celebrated on November 13 in honor of one of the kindest people in our community, Mr. Fred Rogers. He was a pure example of all the good things that come with being kind to one another. Our world needs to show more kindness to one another to pay it forward in order to keep the love going around everywhere.

Showing a random act of kindness doesn’t have to be some grand gesture, even though those are wonderful too. An act of kindness can be as easy as opening the door for somebody or helping someone out who has had a rough day. These deeds can inspire people to show that same kindness to someone else and show the world that there are still good people out there. 

Brenden Scranton is a RAKtivist who enjoys doing nice things for others all the time. ”It is important to be kind because if everyone is kind to one another, then a lot more can get done and a lot of more positivity can be spread around. This is especially important in our current tie because of the effects of COVID-19 and all the social issues we are facing,” said Scranton. 

Brenden takes part in completing random acts of kindness because he understands the importance of how they can impact other people. ”Some random acts of kindness that I do are small things like helping an elderly neighbor rake leaves or cut firewood, being polite and thanking everyone that serves us such as bus drivers, waiters and waitresses, cashiers, and teachers,” Scranton said.

Some people don’t see any benefits in showing kindness because they think that it doesn’t improve anything but that is farther from the truth. Spreading kindness to others can make their heart feel full or can boost their happiness and confidence. These benefits can also lead to better opportunities for people in their careers such as promotions or getting more business as a result of their good deeds. 

In today’s day and age, our generation seems to forget why we need to keep random acts of kindness going around but Brenden never loses the concept of why they are important. “Our generation should care more about being kind to one another because if we aren’t kind to one another, we will just keep arguing and fighting and never get anything accomplished. This would be disastrous especially since our generation will have to deal with it and hopefully fix the effects of global warming, global pandemics, world hunger, and the advancement of technology,” said Scranton.

Random acts of kindness need to be an important priority of our world because it needs to be full of love for future generations. It will benefit us in the long run and can help create great relationships with others that contain nothing but happiness and goodness. So, complete a random act of kindness today to make someone’s day even better.