Walker, Texas Player: Trip to Louisiana


For the first scrimmage of my junior career, we had a trip to Louisiana to play in Shreveport. We had to wake up early to get to the rink to catch the bus. Once we go to the rink to pack up all of our gear and put it on the bus. The trip was for a little over three hours to the rink. Once we got there we had to unpack the bus again and take all of our gear into the locker room. Then, when we were all unpacked we warmed up, got dressed and headed out onto the ice. We came out with a win which was pretty exciting considering it was our first scrimmage. Once we were all done we got back onto the bus and headed back to the good ol’ Wichita Falls. When we got back to the rink we unpacked the bus, rearranged everything in the locker room and headed home for the night.