GLSD French Reading Day

Neehla Pal shares her story called “Le Herisson” (The Hedgehog).  

Creativity and Collaboration are the theme for the Greater Latrobe French department this year. 

Dr. Antolik’s senior high French students have been busy building their reading comprehension and speaking skills in the French II & III classes. The senior high students become the mentors by learning a children’s story and then read and interact with the junior high students. Students rotate through to hear multiple stories, and do student created activities. Brick and mortar and online students are able to participate in the reading day via technology provided by the district. Mrs. Zalewski’s junior high French students appreciate the opportunity to hear the senior high students speak French, and complete comprehension and vocabulary building activities. The Senior High students take pride in their ability to practice their skills and to build confidence for future French opportunities, such as college courses, jobs, and travel.  These activities have expanded  from French 4 & AP students who have been presenting Francophone current events with French 3, 4, and AP students. Dr. Antolik and Mrs. Zalewski hope to plan more interactive lessons between the levels so that students can learn from one another and provide opportunities to practice speaking on a regular basis.