Young entrepreneurs invest in opportunities


Today, young entrepreneurs are finding new ways to make profit online from selling things that they no longer want, such as clothes and shoes. Mercedes Manners is a teen who mostly puts her clothes that no longer fit her style onto a website. While Matt Dysert does more of a unique selling like shoes that he no longer wants or that he buys and resells.

Senior Mercedes Manners said, “I sell reinvented clothes that are not my style anymore for people that can wear them.” She mainly sells her threads on an online platform called Depop. Depop is a site were people can create an account and sell clothes that are no longer for them. All they do is take a picture and post it with a price and then people that want the item with work with the seller and the price to purchase the item.

People who buy her clothes aren’t just from Latrobe but from all over the world. These customers could be people who don’t want to pay the top dollar to buy clothes brand or just simply like to buy refurbished clothes.

Before shipping, she makes sure that all of her items are clean and ready to go. Then, she folds everything nicely so when the package is opened everything isn’t a mess inside. Then, when the recipient opens the package it is nice and neat inside and they are happy with the way their purchase was packaged. She also uses “good packaging” and includes a specialized note to thank them for their order. This lets the buyers know that their purchase is important and that sellerand they really appreciate the purchase. She puts a shipping label on the package and sends it out in the mail. 

She makes a good profit by selling about 10-15 items a month and makes around 200 dollars. This makes her be able to buy new clothes that fit her style and that she gets more use out of and would wear more than her other clothes.

Another student making money off their refurbished items that are basically new and don’t look worn is senior Matt Dysert. He likes to keep all of his shoes in good shape for when he sells them. This is a way for Matt to make more money with things that he can sell that are his own.

He said, “I buy shoes at a low price and resell them for more to make money.” He buys these shoes of a lower price from online site and then he sells them for a higher price and makes enough profit to keep his business going. He sells his shoes on the online platforms Stock X and Goat. Matt uses these sites because he strives for reliability and popularity for his buyers site. He sells popular brands like Jordan, Nike, and Adidas. When shipping his items, he puts them in a box with a tracking number and sends them in the mail, much like Mercedes does. 

In addition, he also has an Instagram account together with senior Maddie DeLucio, where they resell shoes to the right buyer. This is different from the other sites because more people around Latrobe would be more likely to buy. An instagram account can also be more personal than selling on an online site.


 Teenagers are finding many creative ways to repurpose their old clothes they no longer need and sell them to make money. You can check out their websites or online accounts to find anything that might be for you.