A Look Into Our Senior Workforce – Ethan Kammerer


Note: This is part of an ongoing series.

As we continue to move on day by day throughout this pandemic, many have started to wonder, “When will this end?” That couldn’t be more prevalent, than within our seniors. Memories that can never be regained. Prom, field trips, and induction ceremonies, all gone in the blink of an eye, creating immense amounts of free time to spend with family or on new hobbies, or one would think.

Here at The High Post, we contacted five senior workers who have worked during the pandemic with the same 15 questions. Each student will have their own separate article. Questions range from personal life to job life. As always, thank you to all essential workers. We couldn’t do it without you.

Senior: Ethan Kammerer

Q: Where is your place of employment?

Ethan: Chick-fil-a.


Q: What is your job title, and what does it entail?

E: Team member. To be a part of a larger unit to help make people’s days as best as can be through quality service.


Q: How long have you worked there?

E: Two years.


Q: What do you like and dislike about your job?

E: I love my coworkers more than anything, but I dislike how hectic it can get being how popular the chain is.


Q: How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected your workplace?

E: We can only do drive thru, yet the customer amount has not dwindled much, so the stress level is astronomical.


Q: How has the transition to online classes affected you?

E:  I feel drained. I also feel like the work I do isn’t worth it.


Q: Do you have more free time than you did before? If so, what are you doing for fun?

E: Sort of. I work a lot, but I also have been running frequently.


Q: Did you have to get a different job due to the pandemic?

E: Nope.


Q: Are you getting more or less hours?

E: More.


Q: How do you feel that the pandemic has prepared you for the future?

E: I feel that sanitation/cleanliness will be more of a priority.


Q: Has COVID-19 affected any of your friendships/relationships?

E: I believe it strengthened my friendships due to the fact that we long to see each other more and more, and when we do, every moment is savored.


Q: Have you been required to get tested for COVID-19 by your employer?

E: No, but we do check temperatures regularly and require proper sanitary measures (gloves, facemask, constant hand washing).


Q: Do you know/work with anyone who had COVID-19? If so, did it affect your relationship with them in any way?

E: I do not.


Q: What’s one word of advice you have for future seniors?

E: Savor every moment while you can and wash your hands. Don’t have your graduation and prom cancelled as well.


Q: Pineapple on pizza?

E:  I’ve never tried, but I’m always down for at least trying things once. 🙂