Great 80s Movie to Watch in Your Free Time


Alexis Osborne, Staff Writer

“Annie”: Annie is an orphan that lives in a house with a bunch of other children and a lady named Miss Hannigan. Mr. Warbucks is a man who has it all and likes to keep to himself but is missing something in his life. The public views him as a bitter and heartless man so he decides to let Annie come live in his home in hopes of improving how he is viewed by others. What he doesn’t realize is that bringing her in would be the best decision he ever made and the two grow a close bond but Annie still has one true wish, to find her real parents. Mr. Warbucks sets out a search since he cares so much about Annie but it brings them more trouble than they thought.


“The Goonies”: The Goonies are a group of kids who always get into some adventure and are always up for discovering something new. They come across a mysterious map one day in one of their houses and decide to follow it to wherever it leads them. They come across this old, abandoned cavern that’s underground but what they don’t realize is that it has a lot more history than they think. They come across a lot of treasure that thieves are trying to steal so the kids band together in order to stop them and save the day.


“Three Men and a Baby”: Peter, Michael, and Jack are roommates who lead good lives and don’t have to worry about the responsibility of being married or having kids. This all changes when they receive a baby on their front door step with no note or a trace of the person who left her there. The men soon find out a shock that the baby belongs to Jack but he’s been away, so it’s up to Peter and Michael to step up in order to take care of the baby until they realize that they don’t mind having her around the house and grow fond of her.


“Karate Kid”: Daniel is a boy who has just moved to California with his mom and he immediately becomes a target by a group of boys. He soon finds out that the boys are karate masters who train at a dojo. Mr. Miyagi is a janitor who secretly is a karate master also and agrees to help Danil learn karate so that he fends for himself and protects himself from the bullies. He trains Daniel using everyday chores around the house so that he learns the hidden meaning behind karate so that he can truly master the skills and become a great karate fighter.


“Ghostbusters”: A group of scientists who all work at a school decide the best decision for them is to become ghost hunters. What they don’t realize is that when they decide to open up a portal that can lead people to another dimension of life, this portal also releases evil all over New York City and now these scientists must use their skills that they know and they need to figure out a way to capture all the evil that is reeking havoc and save the city.