Great Movies To Watch During Quarantine That Relate To Teens


Alexis Osborne, Staff Writer

 “17 Again”: Mike O’Donnell life couldn’t be any worse right now. He’s getting divorce and barely has a relationship with his two children. While his life is crumbling, he wishes that he could go back in time to when he was 17 and a high school basketball star. One night his wish comes true and he’s 17 again. Now that he’s young again, he now has the opportunity to fix all the wrongs he made at that time so that he has the chance to make his life better than before. What he doesn’t realize is that being young isn’t as easy as it used to be.


 “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”: Ferris Bueller is the master manipulator. He always has a plan for everything and never manages to get caught because he is just that good. He has a plan to skip school one day but needs an ultimate plan to pull it off. Unfortunately for him, his principal is used to his tricks but can never seem to have the proof to get Ferris in trouble. Ferris has a plan for a fun-filled day with his best friend and his crush but he needs to go through obstacles and avoid his principal in order to pull it off without a trace.


 “Lemonade Mouth”: Charlie, Mo, Stella, Wen, and Olivia are completely different people who come from different worlds and who have nothing in common. One day, they are all stuck in detention together and start to play music and realize that they might not be so different after all. They decide to keep this going and play at local places to get their name out there. As their popularity rises, they have some people who try to bring them down so that their band will be no longer, but they break through that in order to keep doing what they love.


 “Clueless”: Cher is a girl who has it made for with no responsibilities and has all the money in the world. She decides she wants to change her image and decides to help out a new student, Tai so that she will look like a hero. Tai’s popularity becomes an issue for Cher as she realizes that popularity is not everything in the world and it’s not something that she really wants anymore. Luckily,she has her friend Josh by her side to help her through it all and he shows her what life is really all about.


 “Camp Rock”: Mitchie is a girl who loves to play music and it’s her dream career. She finally gets to go to a camp that has it all and she gets to be with other kids who love music just as much as her. What she doesn’t realize is the competition is fierce at this camp and it may be more than she bargained for. Shane Gray is a popular music star, but he needs a reality check. His uncle is the owner of this camp and sends him there to be a mentor hoping that it will humble him. Shane and Mitchie become friends as they bond instantly over their love of music as he realizes that being at the camp isn’t so bad after all.