Disney Movies to Watch During Quarantine That Will Revive Your Childhood


Alexis Osborne, Staff Writer

“Beauty and the Beast”: Belle is a girl who wants more to life than to be known as someone’s wife. She loves to read books which makes her viewed as strange by everyone in her small town. Her father is an inventor who is also up for adventure like his daughter, but one night adventure gets him into trouble. He stumbles upon a castle which is owned by a beast who was cursed and is made his prisoner until Belle finds him. Belle takes an oath to stay at the castle forever with the beast in order to save her father.


“ High School Musical”: Troy Bolton is a star basketball player who eats, sleeps, and breathes basketball. Gabriella is a girl who has brains but moves from place to place due to her mother’s job. These two are polar opposites but when they sing, they come together and their differences fade away. They decide to try out for the spring musical at their school, but the competition is heated and they don’t have support from their cliques or parents, but they try to get past that negativity because they deeply enjoy singing and are not ready to give it up.


“The Parent Trap”: Annie and Hallie are twins who live in completely different worlds and have no idea that each other exist. One day fate brings them together and they hatch their plan to get their parents back together. They have to go through obstacles and work together in order for their plan to become accomplished. One of those obstacles is to switch each other’s places and pretend to be one another to spend time with the parents they never really got to spend time with so that they get better knowledge on how to make their plan more successful.


“Princess and the Frog”: Tiana is a hardworking girl who spends hours working to save up for her dream of owning her own restaurant. She thinks that she is almost at her goal until her realtors tell her that they may be selling the building to other people which leaves her back at square one. Prince Naveen is a carefree spirit who is cut off by his parents with money and he comes to Louisiana and meets Dr. Facilier who’s involved with the dark side. He turns the Prince into a frog and Tiana finds him at a party and kisses him only to find out that instead of becoming a prince again, Tiana turns into a frog also and the two must make the journey in order to be human again.


“Aladdin”: Aladdin is a young man who lives on the streets and is a known thief to vendors who work the market. Jasmine is a princess who could care less about being rich or being a princess and want to live a normal life. Aladdin saves her one day when she accidentally steals something and vows to make her fall in love with him. He does this by finding a genie lamp and having the genie grant become his friend to help him get what he wants. He asks the genie to grant him a wish of making Aladdin a prince so that he will impress Jasmine so that she will fall in love and marry him.