Great Movies to Watch to Pass the Time During Quarantine


Alexis Osborne, Staff Writer

“A Walk To Remember”: A story about a delinquent, Landon Carter who changes for the better as he falls in love with the daughter of a priest, Jamie Sullivan. Things take a turn for the worst as Jamie finds out that she has cancer and tries to survive as she has Landon by her side through it all.


“Steel Magnolias”: Truvy Jones owns a beauty shop in a small town where she hires a new employee, Anelle to help her out as her business flourishes. She has her regular customers, Shelby, Lynn, Clairee, and Ouiser as they grow close as friends and soon become family as they have to face the hardships of life.


“Inception”: Dom Cobb assembles a team in order to steal whatever he wants. He has a power that pushes him at an advantage in order to get what he wants, he can enter other people’s dreams. Him and his team must race against time and Dom must face his demons in this mind-blowing plot of events in order to accomplish his goal.


“Can’t Buy Me Love”: Ronald Miller is a high school student who doesn’t quite fit in with the crowd and has one dream, to be popular. He enlists the help of head cheerleader Cindy Mancini so her popularity will rub off on him so he can be known as the most popular guy in school.


“Pretty In Pink”: Andie Walsh is an outcast at her school who has few friends and spends her free time working in a record store. She gets asked out by the most popular guy in school, Blaine. She thinks that it’s all just a setup, but what she doesn’t know is that Blaine is only going out with her because of a dare and soon she falls in love with him.