Items That Have A Significant Meaning


Everyday, people come in contact with each other, sometimes they’re friends or even total strangers but everyone has something that has a true significant meaning to them. Sentimental Items can have a sense of comfort to people anywhere and sometimes have the most interesting stories behind them. 

These items can have an emotional meaning or can have just a good memory . Some critics say that people should let go of  “things”, but they can shape who a person is. Sentimental items can be defined as something that has a purpose that people can’t live without. 

“I have a ring and it was my great grandmother’s engagement ring.  It was broken but my grandma fixed it for me and gave it to me for my birthday,” senior Izzi Oddo said. She wears this ring everyday to have a reminder of her late family member.

“The first ring that I ever wore was a gift from my cousin who actually is like the sister that I never had. I wear it every single day and it’s on the same finger everyday,”said junior Emma Stein. 

“I have a necklace and it was a gift from my mom. She gave it to me so that everytime I look at it I’ll think of my grandma,” said junior Rachel Ridilla.

“My first soccer jersey is something that I will always carry with me. I keep it in a bin in my room but sometimes I get it out to look at it and reminisce of all the memories that I had throughout my career. It reminds me of how far I have come on my soccer journey and how I will continue to play soccer,” said junior Hannak Klimek.

“My mother-daughter necklace is probably one of the most sentimental items I have. It was a gift from my mom and we have matching ones together,” said junior Sydney Sapir.

“I have a heart pendant with an angel inside of it that my mom gave to me before she passed away from cancer. I held it when I gave birth to my daughter and I gave it to my niece when she gave birth to her daughter. It’s like a good luck charm to our family,” said PCA, Ms.Osborne.

From the biggest to the smallest possessions of people, they can have a huge impact of how much sentimental value it has in their life. Sentimental items can help bring back good memories so they can be remembered for a long time and can be passed down to others or can be listened to by people in the world.