The Force Is Strong With Jedi Fallen Order

Video Game Review

The Force Is Strong With Jedi Fallen Order

November 15, 2019 was a big day for all the Star Wars fans out there. It marked the takeoff of a completely new Star Wars game experience with Respawn Entertainment’s release of Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order. 


Respawn is a familiar face to the gaming industry. With some of their other installments such as Titanfall, and Apex Legends. A surprising project for Respawn to take up considering that their comfort zone with games are first-person shooters and not really story driven as much as they are online competitive. 


Jedi Fallen Order begins with the main character of the story, Cal Kestis, as he embarks on a journey to re-start the Jedi Order. Understanding this task the Galactic Empire sends Inquisitors, highly trained sith assassins, to track down and dispatch of the young apprentice. 

A common misconception to those starting the game, popular belief would have been that it would’ve worked a little like Jedi Academy, 2003 Star Wars action game, where it would mainly consist of combat as Kal traverses through the game. It actually works with its own unique combat system, slower and methodical, to the point which you have to understand how you want Kal to play. He can utilize force abilities which are great for zoning and keeping pressure on stronger enemies because some enemies are great with dealing with force are with combat. Kal can also play an offensive oriented combat system where is is up close with his opponents. 


The combat system is strategic and well thought out. The saber strikes and clashes really feel like they carry weight to them. You can use the environment to gain combat advantage and roll and dodge accordingly to limit your enemies chances of landing an attack. 


The environments are the bread and butter of the game. Each planet is suited to its environment, creatures, bases, and even enemy communication on them. They feel like real living and breathing biomes where communication between creatures and enemies are perfectly put together.


Of course what kind of game would there be without the story itself. Understanding that Kal is a Jedi Padawan, the player has to be in the mindset that his skills are not fully developed and takes time to become the hero the galaxy needs to restart the Jedi Order. Character development is dynamic and fluid. None of the characters that you start and meet with are the same by the end. They understand the struggle that they will have to go through and change accordingly to the adventure that they are undertaking. Of course Kal is the main focus and you will just have to see his growth from start to finish.

Overall I give Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order a 9/10 for its amazing play and communication ethics, environmental and planetary exploration, and its fluid, tough, and strategic combat system. I personally wish that there was a little more options of abilities and combat capabilities but as the game is updated and content is added throughout the year, I’m sure that the game will get to that 10/10 rating that I know it can be.