Wildcat Champions

BOC October 2019

With the hustle and bustle of fall senior nights to students assimilating to the new school year, Greater Latrobe Senior High School does not halt in honoring its students. From World Language Department to Mathematics, the October Breakfast of Champions was on Thursday, October 15, 2019. This ceremony, in which converges students and their families with faculty and administration, is held in the Center for Student Creativity (CSC). Providing a scrumptious early morning breakfast, this is one way Greater Latrobe celebrates academics in a more intimate approach.

“Honestly, the cinnamon rolls were my favorite part of the breakfast,” said Maxima Ramsey, mother of nominee Rece Ramsey.

During the ceremony, department representatives bestow personal speeches, expressing their appreciation and admiration of their nominee’s diligent efforts in school. 

AJ Rock & Mrs. Shannon

Six students were chosen for the Breakfast of Champions month of October. To kick off the morning, representing the Business Department was Mrs. Butler with her nominee Caiden Churley (11). For Mrs. Butler, this choice was easy due to Caiden’s character and acts of kindness he displays in the halls. Mrs. Kostic had nominated Jade Wile (11) to recognize her work ethic, and Mr. Murray nominated Aaron Plummer (11) for his strive to success. Both teachers were at the ceremony representing the English Department. Following was Math Department representative Mrs. Shannon and her nominee AJ Rock (12). Throughout the past two years of having Mrs. Shannon and her nominee AJ Rock (12). Throughout the past two years of having Mrs. Shannon, AJ has shown true perseverance through his efforts in math class. “Extremely humbled in being picked,” said AJ Rock when I asked him how he felt about his nomination. Representing the Science Department was Mr. Brandt, and he chose his nominee Hailey Miller (11) due to her genuine curiosity towards learning new material in the classroom. Ending the ceremony was Señora Smith and her nominee Rece Ramsey (12).

“Rece has always been a reliable individual whom I can count on,” Señora Smith said when asking about her nomination. With the World Languages Department, Rece was nominated for his utmost dependability and interest in the Spanish language and culture.

During the ceremony, the 40 Developmental Assets are extremely upheld by the Greater Latrobe School District. These few simple characteristics of students is what sets individuals on the path to nominations for the Breakfast of Champions. Such developing assets promote positive behaviors in and out of the classroom. The assets are divided into two separate groups; eternal and internal assets. For eternal assets, the building blocks include support, empowerment, boundaries/expectations, and the construction of time management. Internal assets include commitment to learning, positive values, social competencies, and positive identity. The diverse plethora of building blocks assist young adolescents to be healthy, caring, and responsible. https://www.search-institute.org/our-research/development-assets/developmental-assets-framework/

Mrs. Kostic & Jade Wile

Started by new Superintendent, Dr. Teppert, this tradition of recognizing students from all grades will always be an important day on the GLSD calendar. The Breakfast of Champions is amongst many of the diverse array of ways Greater Latrobe Senior High School honors students and their families. This program is designed to showcase Greater Latrobe students for outstanding work, as well as achievements in not only these specific departments, but as high school students. 

Dr. Teppert shared insight about the historical background of the Breakfast of Champions. This program began when she was the Assistant Principal at Greater Latrobe Senior High School in 1999. With help from Mrs. Stallings, Dr. Vasinko, and John Andrighetti, the breakfast embraced the 40 Developmental Assets, thus wanting to overall recognize students that possess these attributes.

“Greater Latrobe students are special,” said Dr. Teppert, “and the Breakfast of Champions is to appreciate the politeness and kindness of our students.”