Homecoming Court 2019

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Homecoming Court 2019

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Sadie  Wetzel

“I feel honored that my friends thought of me, and it’s a really good feeling”

Morgan Chen

” The process of being on court is exciting! I wanted to try and get on

it because I was on court freshman year and I wanted to see if I could

get on again.”

Emily Hoffman

“I am very excited to be on homecoming court. I feel as though it was

a step outside of my comfort zone. Also being able to be recognized just

for being yourself excited me a lot ”

Elaina Schrack

“I’m very excited to be on homecoming court and extremely proud to

represent my class. I would like to thank everyone who voted for me

it truly means a lot.”

Cammi Kaminski

“For my senior year, it’s an honor to be nominated for a third time by

my classmates. I really enjoy the parade and the support I receive from

my friends.”


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