Tate McElheny: The Broadway Bound Star

When did you start performing?

I’ve been performing since I was about 7 years old.

What was your first performance?

My first performance was as a noun in Schoolhouse Rock live… it was pretty legendary!

Do you perform anywhere outside of school? If so where?

Yes, I’ve performed at many different places throughout my life like the Lamp Theater in Irwin, Ligonier Theatre, and the Byham Theater in Pittsburgh.

How many school performances have you been in?

I’ve been in three school performances. Sophomore year I played the captain in Titanic, last year I played Daddy Warbucks in Annie and this year I’ll be playing Don Quixote in Man of La Mancha.

What are you a part of in school that helps you work toward your goals?

I’ve participated in all of the musicals at Latrobe and I’m a member of the chamber choir, concert choir, and men’s ensemble.

How often are rehearsals (school related and not)?

If I’m in a musical at the time I could be rehearsing 4-6 nights a week and I have voice lessons on Wednesdays.

Why do you perform?

I perform because it’s a necessity for me. I’m not sure how to describe it but me not performing would be like not breathing. When you are so passionate about something, you simply have to do it.

— Tate McElheny

Do you get nervous before a performance?

Of course! The nerves mean that you care about what you are showcasing!

What is your dream role to perform?

I have a lot! Later on in my life I am itching to play roles like Sweeney Todd and Jekyll and Hyde, but a role that I’m more suited for at my current age is Damian from Mean Girls! I would love to get my hands on that!

What is your dream school? Do you know where are you going to school?

I’ve recently been accepted to University of Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music for musical theater! That was always a top choice but I still have my auditions at Carnegie Mellon and University of Michigan this month so after I get decisions from those I will make a final decision by April!

What are your dreams?

I have big ones! After I get my BFA in Musical Theater from a top program, I want to move to NYC and start performing regionally, in tours, nationally and hopefully one day on Broadway!

What have you done to make your dreams come true?

The only way to achieve is to work hard and to never stop learning. There is nothing else I could ever imagine myself doing so because of this I will continue working as hard as I can and keep getting better so I can make my dreams a reality.