Kayla Holsopple + Music = Perfect Match

Kayla Holsopple is not your typical Greater Latrobe senior. She is the conductor of the senior high marching band and is striving toward her dream of a career in music every day.

She first started playing the trumpet in the fifth grade. “I was convinced by Jacob Burkey and Jaden Getz because they really wanted me to be a part of the camaraderie,” says Holsopple, “I have since switched to playing the tuba, and really enjoy it. I still play the trumpet in the jazz band. I can also play the baritone and trombone, but not very well. I hope to learn piano and french horn one day.”

Kayla has been participating in band for 8 years. She has played in jazz since junior high school, and has been in the marching band for 5 years.

“My role in band is just like everyone else’s, to be a part of something a whole lot bigger than ourselves and to create some wonderful music. I conduct the marching band, which is an extremely valuable experience that I am fortunate to have because I have the opportunity to help facilitate the music that we make.”

What has prepared her the most for this role has been the constant practicing, attending leadership seminars, and camps. Being able to get to know her fellow musicians and friends is definite preparation in and of itself.

“The music department at Greater Latrobe has done nothing but manifest my passion for music. I take great pride and excitement doing what I do for the band every day and want nothing more than to give back.”

— Kayla Holsopple

There are a lot of people that Kayla looks up to in the world of music. “Of course my directors for their constant support and encouragement to grab any opportunity that comes my way,” says Kayla “But I also look up to a lot of the professors I’ve met on my journeys who have taught me endless lessons and have helped me create music beyond just notes on a paper. They are all truly phenomenal and selfless people who I admire for their ability to evoke raw emotion from musicians and audiences alike when they realize there is a whole lot more to music than what meets the eye.”

Kayla intends to pursue her passion of music into a career. She plans on majoring in music education. “I want to be able to share any knowledge I pick up along the way to anyone I can.” Her dream schools are the University of Michigan and Northwestern.

“A word of advice: stay humble and follow your dreams. Sometimes you never truly realize your true potential until you reject opportunity that comes your way. Practice. Practice. Practice. Perfect practice makes permanent after all. Please never give up on music after high school, it never goes away and it is a lifelong passion even if it isn’t your career. And for non musicians, it is never too late to start I’d love to see you stop down in the F Hallway, being able to create music is my most valued possessions and I’d hope for it to be yours.”