Thrift Shopping: Out with the New, in with the Old

Haliee Cherrington, Staff Writer

Thrift shopping is going to a thrift store, buying several outfits, and not breaking the bank. It’s the best way to get vintage or eye-catching clothing for cheap! Thrift shopping has been gaining popularity throughout the world due to social media. Influencers such as Emma Chamberlain and Haley Pham frequently post videos of buying and styling their thrifted outfits. There is an abundance of stores to thrift at in Westmoreland County such as the Greensburg Goodwill, Latrobe Goodwill, and Saint Vincent De Paul in Greensburg.

Several students around the school wear thrifted clothing. It gives students an interesting style compared to others because it’s not from your typical retail store. With thrift shopping, it gives students more of a chance to be unique and express themselves.

You can also buy clothing as inspiration for another piece you may want to create. For example, some people may buy a long t-shirt, and crop it themselves to make it the way they want it. Some may even go as far as buying a t-shirt and creating a two-piece outfit out of it. Also, since Halloween is coming up soon, thrift stores are great places to buy/create a costume. This style of shopping allows you to let your creativity flow and create your own clothes out of the fabrics for sale.

Thrift shopping brings students endless possibilities through clothing, helps express creativity, and saves tons of money. So, next time you go shopping, visit a thrift store near you.