LeBron’s I Promise School

LeBron James at the opening of the school

Courtesy Of NBA.TV

LeBron James at the opening of the school

During the month of July, something extraordinary had happened in the sports community.

Born December 30, 1984, LeBron James had a very difficult childhood. Moving in and out of bad neighborhoods in the suburbs of Akron, he and his mom, Gloria James, weren’t that well off. LeBron James, still at age 33, doesn’t know his true biological father.   

Despite this major struggle, James became dedicated to his favorite pastime. Different colleges around the nation noticed his talent and his high school games at St. Vincent St. Mary’s, in a suburb of Akron. With his donation this past summer, many headlines across America and around the world continued to repeat the words, “Bigger than Basketball.” This donation was so important to the community because of the impact it will have on the students attending the school, and will continue to improve the city of Akron.

Tweets and FaceBook post from celebrities  increased LeBron James’s “GOAT” status, to an all time high. Many people in and outside of the sports community noticed this feat, and along with his talent, really makes him the greatest of all time.                                      

A superstar on and off of the court, helping to give back to his community, James continues to give back to his hometown of Akron, Ohio.

He knew that he had to give back, considering all of the wonderful people who helped get him to where he is today. But growing up, James endured many struggles as a kid.

All of his coaches, his teammates, and his family helped him push to that status, but that hard work isn’t done by others, it is self-endured. In order to excel outside of his personal struggles, he relied on sports to get on track, and that’s how he’s on track to becoming the greatest athlete in America’s short-sport history.

A portion of the money that LeBron had made from different types of sponsorships and his income salary from playing in the NBA over the last 15 years went back into this school, made for 3rd and 4th graders, but will continue to add grades over the next couple years if the school thrives.

When a student graduates from the I Promise School, they has the chance to attend to the University of Akron, and get a degree that the school offers. Also, to finish college, which most students in the  community aren’t able to even attend.

This opens up many opportunities for the future and the community of Akron, and will benefit the place James was raised.

Some of the things that are mentioned are listed below:

-Free Uniforms

-Free Transportation (Bikes and Bus Rides)

-School lunches and breakfasts

-Free Tuition to the University of Akron

-Many more things are paid by him, his foundation, and many other people in the community.

Also, LeBron and many other people throughout the community are also helping out with adults that aren’t able to payoff many taxes. All of the people in the funding off the school try to help out in the most ways they can, in order for the city of Akron to prosper for many years to come.