Strength To Live: Wildcat Wellness

Strength is more than just picking up heavy weights or being able to do 100 pushups without stopping. Strength is putting on a brave face when dealing with issues that you don’t think anyone will understand. Strength is being able and confident to share with others what your problems are, and strength is asking for help. Strength is feeling the sun’s warmth while standing in the shade. Chase Beezer and Adam Hoffman are spreading this strength across the school with a new kind of club, Wildcat Wellness.

The phrase “there’s strength in numbers” applies in more than just one situation. “When I look around the school I see and hear students who think they are alone in life, so I wanted to create a group that everyone can feel accepted and a part of.” Said Chase Beezer, president of the club.

Vice president, Adam Hoffman is in the same boat as Chase. “We want to provide help to anyone who needs it and change the culture of our school to a healthy atmosphere,” said Hoffman. The goal of Wildcat Wellness is to be able to share your feelings with a group, and to be able to listen and help with other’s who do the same.

Wildcat Wellness is not only a support group for students who want to try out a new way of talking to someone, but also a service group for those interested in spreading awareness. Chase wants every student to be involved, even if he or she doesn’t have the time to be an official member. “Every student has an equally important role in the club. Even if they aren’t officially a part of it, they are the ones who need to recognize and support the struggles their fellow classmates are facing,” said Beezer.

The club meets about twice every month not only to talk and overcome issues, but to fundraise and plan for events having to deal with mental health and similar topics.

Currently, they plan to fundraise to hire a guest speaker to talk to the school. Because the idea was just proposed, the details are still being worked out. In a fundraising opportunity called “Giving the School a Hug” students will have the chance to buy paper hands and write their reasons for donating on the hands, which will circle around the cafeteria.

“I hope that Wildcat Wellness can become a positively influential club in the school, spreading awareness for mental health and providing group support for the students that want it.” Chase feels strongly about his positive impact on the lives of his peers.

Another thing being planned is a day where therapists from all over the area will be coming in and speaking to students in small groups of one therapist per homeroom, just to open their doors to any student in need. The hope is that this event will result in students getting help if they need it, and it may also help people understand what other people may be going through. Chase Beezer knows that everything he does with this club, has potential to change lives. “I want to make a difference with the creation of Wildcat Wellness, our school and many other schools have suffered grave consequences because of the lack of acceptance for student mental health support and I hope to provide not only additional support, but also end the negative stigma surrounding mental health.

Though Beezer is a senior who will be leaving at the end of this year, he plans to go to college locally, and will be sure to stay involved. Hoffman hopes to stay involved during his senior year next year as well, “I hope to takeover next year as president and help this club and our school grow!”

If you ever feel the need to just get things off your chest, or if you feel strongly about spreading the words of mental health, come to the next meeting of Wildcat Wellness.