Strength To Live: Movie Review

The movie To The Bone was created in 2017 by Marti Noxon, following the story of the life of Ellen, a 20 year old girl, who battles anorexia. At the start of the movie Ellen is obsessed with exercise and calorie counting in fear that she would become unhealthy or overweight. She sees eating “as the end of the world” and no doctors are able to help her.


She then meets a doctor who is willing to put her in a home with a little bit of unconventional medicine in terms of meeting people who are going through the same things as her. In this home she makes new friends and even finds love, but in the end her illness starts to take over and she doesn’t see the point in living anymore. She has a life altering moment and starts to understand all the reasons behind wanting to live and fighting for life.


This movie is inspiring to anyone, not just those who fight this illness or one similar to it. It points out the challenges of eating disorders and the everyday battles such as: work, school, home life, social anxiety, and even drugs or drinking,  that everyone of us fights.


Ellen was a very real and accurate representation of what it’s like to want to give up, yet to have to keep going. Everyone one of us can resonate with these feelings. Living everyday to the fullest and living in the moment are two big ideas that are portrayed throughout the movie. Never take life for granted and keep in mind those around you who struggle.