Wicked Review

Molly May, Assistant Editor in Chief

“Defying Gravity” are words that were sung throughout the musical, Wicked.  Sitting in the audience was one of the best feelings ever. The amount of plot twists and the emotion behind the words was just breathtaking.    

This musical is a spin off version of The Wizard of Oz.  In the Wizard of Oz, a good witch and a bad witch have clashing personalities.  At the end of the story, The Wicked Witch of the West dies which is a victory for all.

In Wicked, Elphaba is the “Wicked Witch of the West” and Glinda is the “Good Witch of the South”.  Both girls in the musical seem to hate each other, but end up rooming together and end up being what one would assume as good friends.  Glinda stuck up for Elphaba and told her that even though she was green, that she is still beautiful.

Elphaba is smart and has a strong opinion of saving the animals while Glinda isn’t the brightest but still wants to do good for herself and the people.  A love story in the middle of everything,ended up affecting their friendship.  

In the beginning of the musical, Glinda falls for Ferraro, but he ends up falling for Elphaba.  Glinda was in love for Ferraro simply for his handsome looks, while Elphaba fell in love with the charming young man that he was.

Their voices were powerful and moving.   The changing of Elphaba was inspiring and it opened the eyes for many around.  She used a lot of emotion while singing which was an eye catcher to the audience.  

Glinda had the preppy personality and sang as a soprano.  Her uplifting voice was a mood changer in a positive way.  She was quite the ditsy person, yet caring at times.  

The voices of everyone involved in the musical were phenomenally amazing.   There were multiple times were you could tell everyone had the chills and were moved by the incredible acting and singing.

The intense ending was indeed both living the life that they want to live, not together, but indeed forever.