Art Docent Feature- Madison Kornides

Madison Kornides, a senior, has been a docent at the Art Gala for the past 4 years. The Art Gala is a commemoration to the art that the high school has brought over the years and place where students present possible new pieces for the art collection. Kornides enjoys looking at the art and finding the meaning in each piece. She does the Gala every year because she likes to see what is selected and learn about the artists and their works. This year, she covered “The ‘Burgh” and “Streams of Living Water.” “The ‘Burgh” is her favorite piece out of all the years she has been doing it because it is unlike another piece in the schools collection. “Not only is it three dimensional, but its use of movement and color pops” Kornides says. Although she is hoping to become a pharmacists, she does plan to keep some time in her life to appreciate art.