You’ve Got a Friend Day


Maura Rodgers, Staff

  You’ve Got a Friend Day was held Wednesday, October 4, 2017 at Twin Lakes Park. One of the
many of the activities was paddle boating, shown above.

With about 15 schools present, special needs kids were partnered with 1-3 high school kids, and they spent the day together. The students were exhilarated.   Two carnival rides, one of which being the swings shown above. Smiles everywhere, and they day was overall fun-filled for everyone. The chance that special needs children get for this is only once a year.


You’ve Got A Friend Day took place on October 4, 2017. Students from fifteen different schools
in Westmoreland County went to a picnic at Twin Lakes Park. Special needs kids were paired
up with high school students from all around Westmoreland County.
Maddy Hantz said, “It was a great experience, I really felt like I made these kids feel so
happy, and it gave me a feeling of empowerment.”
Activities included were two carnival rides, food, paddle boating, petting zoo, and a bird
show. From my own perspective, I was so excited to spend the day with my “buddies,” as they
call them.
We arrived at the park and we waited for the “buddies” to get paired up. 35 students from
child development taught my Mrs. Mehalic had the opportunity to see the big smiles on their
faces as they saw all of the teenagers waiting to spend time with them.
While on the swing carnival ride, the smiles on his face became even brighter, the wind
in his hair and the smiles and laughter made the day so much brighter.
We moved to paddle-boating next, and I had two buddies for this and they assigned me
a senior boy from Norwin to paddle with us.
Overall, when we arrived back to the school, Mrs.Mehalic informed us that these children
only have this opportunity once a year, and as soon as it ends they look forward to the next
year. You’ve Got A Friend Day means a lot to the high school students, and especially the
special needs children. As I said myself, I think these things need to happen more often than
once a year.