Who Will Win Best Picture?

Who Will Win Best Picture?

Which film do you think will win Best Picture at the Oscars?

“Black Swan”

“The Fighter”


“The Kid’s Are All Right”

“The King’s Speech”

“127 Hours”

“The Social Network”

“Toy Story 3”

“True Grit”

“Winter’s Bone”

 “Well, “Toy Story 3” is the only one I’ve seen, so I’m going with that one.”

Katie Douds, junior

 “I think it will be between “The Social Network” and “Inception.”

Mrs. Keyser

 “Definitely “The Social Network” without a doubt. I would know, I am the Oscar King.”

Adam Stynchula, junior

 “I think “The Fighter” will win because I saw it and thought it was awesome!”

Kristen Facemyer, senior

 “’The Social Network” is definitely going to get an Oscar. It was a great movie.”

Ashley Sims, junior

 “I really loved “Toy Story 3.” It was awesome and better win Best Picture.”

Amy Jo Bollinger, senior

 “I haven’t seen “Toy Story 3”, but if it’s anything like the first two, I’ll be crying by the end.”

Mr. Crem

 “I seriously think that “Inception” and “Black Swan” are up for a close tie.

Jess Miller, senior

 “I want “Toy Story 3” to win, but I think either “The Social Network” or “True Grit” will win.”

Ally Bair, junior

 “I think “Toy Story 3” because it made a lot of money.”

Marissa Petraca, sophomore