High School Halloween Costumes

Molly Bobik, Staff

What will you be this Halloween? Will your costume be cute, scarier, or funny?

“This Halloween I plan on being a Ninja Turtle because they are my favorite. I will most likely be Michelangelo because he is the funny one and wears an orange mask.”

Maura Casey Junior

“My best friend is going as a mermaid, so I’m going as a sailor.”

Tyler Simonovitch Sophomore

“I will be Dorthy because my friend and I are doing a Wizard of Oz group costume. My costume will be cute.”

Katie Dunlap Junior

“I am being the Lonely Island on their album cover of Turtleneck and Chain.”

Luke Joseph Sophomore

“I am going to be Super Girl. It’s cute.”

Madison George Sophomore

“I was thinking of being the ouija board.”

Hannah Destefano Freshman

“A chocolate unicorn (funny).”

Bianca Diggs Freshman

“My costume will be funny. For the Key Club Parade, I have to dress in a Julius Caesar costume.”

Joey Testa Junior

“I will be a clown for Halloween this year. My costume will be scary.”

Zoe Kubitz Sophomore

“I will be a zombie for Halloween. My costume will be scary.”

Izzi Oddo Sophomore