Chic-fil-a Leader Academy

Chick-fil-a has started a new way of getting involved in your community and your school. The Leader academy is a group of 30 applicants who meet once or twice a month to build and attain new leadership skills. The group meets up for different leadership informational sessions, discussions, and exercises. “It was a wonderful experience, that really opened my eyes to new ways of leading,” says Victoria Potter, a former member during her junior year.


Even though they aren’t permitted to apply again, the students who were a part of the academy last year say the program really helped them with different aspects of their life. At the end of the program, the students get together to have one big community-oriented event of their choice.


Last year the event  was a basketball game of the teachers versus the Pittsburgh Steelers. The proceeds went towards feeding those less fortunate. Not only does the leader academy help shape students as a whole, but it looks great on a college application. Colleges are looking closely for unique extra curricular activities, and especially for leadership positions.


“I know that the school I want to go to, Notre Dame, not only looks for top grades, but a major key towards acceptance is your extracurriculars,” Victoria points out. Overall, the leader academy is something every student should try to take advantage of during his or her high school career. It is a well rounded experience that helps improve leadership abilities and resumes.