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Red Balloon Take Over

October 5, 2017


“You’ll float too” is a common theme in the film. This refers to the red balloon pennywise always has clutched in his hand when he preys on his victims. This has begun a phenomenon of placing red balloons in random places as a prank. Kasey Lettrich was the victim of this cruel prank. “I came home from the movie, and went straight into my room. It was pitch black, and the only thing I saw was a red balloon floating in the corner. I was scared out of my mind!” Kasey’s mom placed the red balloon in her room to giver her a good scare.

Gianna Ferry and Lauren Willner saw these creepy red balloons multiple times. “When I got home from the football game, there was a red balloon tied to my mailbox. Then for multiple days people put red balloons on Lauren’s car, and in the front of my house. I was extremely creeped out since I didn’t initially know who was behind this prank,” explained Gianna. 

Lauren Willner came out of Dino’s after the first home football game, to discover a red balloon tied to her jeep. She didn’t discover who was behind the prank until a week later.
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