Sophomore’s Views on Career Pathways

Molly Bobik, Staff

As a sophomore, you have selected a career pathway, you have visited a local university, and you have scheduled your classes accordingly. Explain how this program is helping you reach your future goals.

“It’s helping me because it’s telling me what I have to do now in order to achieve my goal. And also telling me what specifically my goal is about.”

Derek Kochis

“This program is helping me reach my goals by giving me insight about the careers I am interested in and what I can do and what classes I can take  to reach my future goals.”

Anna Witte

“This program is helping me reach my goals because it it telling me if a job or career I am interested in is highly wanted. Also it shows the average pay and growth rate, which shows if you could do this your whole life.”

Aidan Mills

“All this programming has helped me more in depth to see and  make sure I’m interested in what I am interested in.”

Emmaleigh Wentzell

“The career pathways  program has helped me take steps in the right direction to accomplish my goals and  as well as my dreams.”

Merle Musick

“This has helped me to realize my options based on my interests, and opened my mind to more  choices for my future.”

Aiden Glick

“This program is helping me explore different fields of  work so I have more  options to look over when the time comes. Career Pathways helps a lot of students realise that maybe what they want to do isn’t really what they want to do.”

Andrew Bryant

“It’s showing me where I stand as an individual compared to other occupations. I am able to know what my job’s stability is predicted to be in the future, which I otherwise wouldn’t have taken into consideration.”

Ethan Baughman

“I can see and understand the steps I will have to take to my future. Along with what career is best for me and what will make me happiest.”

Mckenzie Bonar

“It got me thinking about future careers.”

Andy Floyd

“This lets me understand myself and my goals and how to truly succeed by my standards and not by society’s definition. This helps me apply myself for my current schooling and future life.”

Zachary Buerger

“It will help lead me in the right direction to reach my goal of finding the right job.”

Nick Byrd

“It is helping me by showing me if my chosen career will be  a good fit for  the future and if there are any others that might be of interest.”

Madison Cole

“It helped me see in greater detail what I want to do and achieve.”

Will Enfinger

“It has helped me see and explore different potential careers and also act to make thema reality.”

JS Florek