Allied Health Students Give Their Career A Head Start

Jump start your career in healthcare with the allied health program, students go to EWCTC to give their career a head start in the medical field. A program which is held in the fall and the spring seasons of each school year. Students in the program have a chance to experience different aspects of what it takes to be a doctor, nurse, or any other professions in the medical field. They learn many things in the program about what they really want to do in the future. They can find out if the medical field is the right place for them.

Jamie Lowther, a senior was in the program this year. “Allied health is beneficial because it exposes you to different careers in the healthcare field, whether they were shadowing at Latrobe Hospital or at the Loyalhanna Care center,” said Lowther.  Many students get accepted into the allied health program, and it proves to them to be very helpful. Many students that applied back in february have heard back and are super excited to be accepted into the program. Some of those students include Mckenna Martinosky, and Hannah Macey.

When they found out they were accepted into the program, they were more than thrilled to figure out their future in the medical field. However, allied health doesn’t just help you find your career, it can also lead you in the right direction of career that may not be in the medical field. “When I signed up for allied health, I wanted to be a pharmacist. However, after shadowing the pharmacy, I couldn’t see myself doing that as a career. The program helped me realize that I no longer wanted to go into the healthcare field, which was a good thing to figure out now, rather then when I was already in college,” said Lowther.

The allied health program betters students into the finer moments of learning about themselves and about the future career they could potentially have. Since allied health takes place during the last period of school, it usually ends when school would normally end. So for students who partake in sports, or after school activities the convenience of getting back on time is very helpful.

“Allied health is a really good program to do if you are considering going into the healthcare field, but are unsure of what you exactly want to do in the medical field. It can also make you realize if you no longer want to go into the medical field,” said Lowther.

If you’re not sure about going into the medical field, but it could be a possibility that you want to then allied health is right for you. Don’t be afraid of what the future holds, and take charge of your own life. Allied health can teach you many things and teach you how to make the right decisions. So take the opportunity and schedule allied health if you can.