Broadcast and Journalism College Field Trips

Broadcast and Journalism College Field Trips

The Multimedia Journalism students and Video Production students are hard at work every day bringing the news the study body needs to hear. The students are constantly working to move a vital part of this school. With hard work comes great rewards.

On April 7 and April 8, 43 students earned some of these rewards. Robert Morris University and West Virginia University hold award ceremonies every year for broadcast and journalism students. This year RMU opened up award categories for print journalism students through Digital Media Arts Consortium. Also, RMU added break away sessions for students to learn about different categories in their field.

Caleb Czuszak, senior, went to only the RMU workshop. Czuszak participated in a directing workshop. “I learned a bit about making connections and networking. Many of the people who work in the industry have gotten to where they are by constantly meeting new people and forming relationships with people that can help you while you help them,” said Czuszak.

Czuszak got in contact with local Pittsburgh companies about jobs and advice. Pittsburgh director Steve Parys, who worked on Foxcatcher, Outsiders, and Concussion, was a professional Czuszak got into contact with.

Also, Czuszak got the contact information for Steve Tolin who runs the company TolinFX which does visual effects for movies and TV shows such as The Dark Knight, Jack Reacher, and Outsiders. “ I intend on getting in contact with both of them very soon to possibly do some work for Parys, and get some effects advice and help from Tolin. I was also invited to visit the shop where Tolin and his crew design and build all of their effects,” said Czuszak.  


Anna Navarre, senior, went to both the RMU and WVU workshops. “I did the RMU workshop where I learned about different apps that can be used to make stop motion. I made a short stop motion video with another student that consisted of random characters running across the screen,” said Navarre. The stop motion was only thirty seconds long because of the time commitment it takes. An average thirty second stop motion video can take up to three weeks.

Most students who went on both field trips seemed to enjoy WVU’s workshops. At the WVU, college students taught the workshops. This allowed the journalism and broadcast students to get first hand insights.  “I also went to WVU where I learned about what went into being a reporter. I learned new skills that will help me on and off the camera,” said Navarre.

“The people I met during my workshop at WVU helped me get more interested in reporting. They really explained broadcasting well and answered all of my questions clearly,” said Navarre.

In the broadcast news workshop, students were paired up with another high school student and two college students. Each group had to memorize a news package opening and record a voice over for a news package. The college students filmed while the high school students did the on camera work. The filming location was right outside the Mountainliar with college students constantly walking by. The students got to tour of the university’s radio station and campus. Most freshman at WVU don’t know they can work at the school’s radio station. Applications are only available the first week of school. “Working at the radio station is a good way to get your voice out there. Making your name known and finding your voice is very important,” said Terrell Adams, WVU senior.

What each student learned at these workshops will help them succeed in their future plans. Professionals from each subject were brought to RMU and taught the students valuable lessons. “I learned strong communications skills and interesting broadcasting skills that I can use in my future career hopefully in video making and editing. Also, the time management lesson I learned will help me in everything I do, “ said Navarre.

Journalism and broadcasting are diverse fields that involve other subjects. Each subject is a vital part of knowing news and spreading the word. The High Post and WCAT-TV are important working parts of this school that will only advance in the future.