Pompelia Nominated for Presidential Teacher of the Year Award

Ashley Beaken, Editor

Mrs. Pompelia has been nominated for the presidential teacher of the year award for excellence in mathematics and science teaching. She teaches multiple classes such as calculus, chemistry, and young engineers. She has been teaching at Greater Latrobe for seven years. In addition to teaching multiple classes, Pompelia is also the head teacher of the mathematics department at Greater Latrobe.
Pompelia was nominated by a parent who works at kennametal because he saw her great teaching skills through the young engineers program. The parent had 3 kids who had Pompelia for class and he really felt that she deserved the award. Pompelia was one of five teachers selected from the state of Pennsylvania for the award. She had to fill out a long application which consisted of three parts; Administrative, narrative, and a video. She had to write a 12 page paper to provide evidence of content knowledge and skills that result in improved student learning. The video that was submitted as part of the application was a video of her teaching a lesson in class, which she also had to reflect on in the essay.
“The application process took a while and was a lot of hard work but I am very honored to have been nominated as one of the top 5 teachers in this state,” said Pompelia.
Pompelia is a great teacher and well liked by her students. She is always willing to help them and gives up free time in order to do so.
“I have Mrs. Pompelia for AP calculus, I was struggling to get the grades that I wanted due to the difficulty of the course, but she helped me to bring them up by meeting with me and explaining to me the concepts that I wasn’t understanding,” said Justin Conrad, senior.

The winner of the award will be announced in May of 2017, and the winner will get to go to the White House to accept the award.