Career Pathways Prepare Students for Future

Ashley Beaken , Editor

The Greater Latrobe school district’s goal is to have classes available so the students of the school will have some kind of idea of a career to pursue in the future. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) focuses on connecting the core subjects taught in classes to the real world. Students should have an idea of interest when graduating high school. Offering certain classes can help students discover their interests.

“It is important for students to have some kind of interest because if they just pick something that they think they may like, but never really took a course on it then they could end up going to college and being in debt and not even liking what they got into,” said science teacher, Mr. Brandt, who is currently in Finland.

EWCTC, dual enrollment, and work study are all offered by GLSD to help students find their interests. EWCTC offers multiple programs and will place students in jobs that fit their interests. Instead of going to a college after graduating, many EWCTC students will go to a technical school or go right into the workforce.

“I plan on continuing my education at a technical school, attending EWCTC for cosmetology has helped me learn the basics for the career that I have chosen,” said Alyissa Baca, a junior who attends EWCTC.
Dual enrollment can help students earn college credits while in high school in order to save time and money in college. Dual enrollment is offered to any senior and they can take classes at most schools in the area, such as: WCCC, Saint Vincent, Pitt at Greensburg, and Seton Hill.

“I decided to do dual enrollment to finish getting the credits I need to graduate and also to get ahead on credits that I’ll need in college. Right now my dream college is the University of West Florida, so hopefully by taking college classes now at the community college I can get some credits out of the way and save a little money during the next four years,” said senior, Taylor Sigut.

Work study let’s students leave school early to go to work, this is beneficial to students for if they need to save up extra money for things, like college in the future and to help them get experience.

Taking certain high school classes such as law or business’s classes can earn you college credits also. Mrs. Leeper’s law I and II classes can earn college credits to seton hill, while Mrs. Butler’s business classes earn you college credits at WCCC.

“Every student at our school is different so it is important for students to find something they are interested in so they know they don’t have to take the same path as someone else,” said Brandt.

It is important to take classes that will help you in the future. Our school offers so many different classes in order to ensure that students can take classes that may help them pursue their interests in the future. Many different art, business, language arts, math, music, science, social studies, science, technology, and language classes are offered to the students. New courses have been added to the 2016-2017 school year,

“We wanted to offer more course options that were in alignment with the various career pathways,” said English teacher Mr. Krack.

Our school now offers AP Seminar and Media as Text. AP seminar will cover advanced methods of research, while Media as Text will cover the different forms of media such as movies, tv, music, etc.. and how we develop meaning from these. The previous composition course has been revised to a creative writing class which is just what the name suggests, students will be able to share their writing with classmates. The speech class has been revised to Interpersonal Communications, this course will cover how we communicate with others in our society.

“We wanted students to have more options than the traditional year-long literature based course. While the courses do involve literature and writing, we will be applying them to real-world situations so that the relevancy of the material will be more apparent to the student,” said Krack.