Hockey Hair

In preparation for the IceCats first playoff game, the varsity team decided to dye their hair bleach blonde last Sunday night. The team had practice then everyone went over to Alex Singley’s house for dinner and to go blonde.
Each member of the team either dyed their whole head, or parts of their hair. Sophomore Zach Kubitz believes that dyeing their hair made them “uglier than usual.”
Junior Cory Gates was the first member of the team to dye his hair and when he was finished, his hair was a bright yellow.
The rest of the team followed in Gates’s footsteps by bleaching the tops of their heads. Senior Garrett Lawrence states that you “Gotta be ferda, It’s playoffs.” After multiple guys had a blonde/ orange hair color, other members of the team were second guessing it.
Senior Ryan DeFelice said “if the whole team dyes it I will, but if one persons out I’m out.” By the end of an eventful night the entire team’s hair was dyed.
Having light blonde hair wasn’t quite enough for sophomore Alex Singley. Monday night before the playoff game Singley re dyed his hair and it was an even brighter blonde.
After the Cats had a tough loss of 5-1, most the team decided blonde hair wasn’t for them anymore. A majority of the team has been talking about dyeing their hair back to the original color. Junior Cory Gates tried to dye his hair back to brown Tuesday night but the blonde was too strong.

Other members of the team have decided they are going to keep their blonde hair. Sophomore Jason DeFelice likes his blonde hair, he said “it doesn’t look too bad and it’s not really noticeable.”
The IceCats had a phenomenal season this year being 16-6 and making it into the first round of playoffs. Senior Brendan Johns stated that the Cats “deserved the best possible outcome.” The season may be over, but at least the Cats still have their blonde memories and bonding experiences.