Christmas: Gifts Aren’t Necessary

The Season of Giving Doesn’t Have To Include GIfts

Christmas: Gifts Arent Necessary

Brooke Sheffield , Editor

The season of peace, love and family is upon us but it seems more about the giving aspect these days. Giving is great but once it turns into greed, it becomes something that we as a society, should reject. Kids now expect gifts rather that being extremely grateful for a small present like was once in the past.
We aimlessly wander around stores and online shops trying to find a present. Christmas has become more of a stressful, greedy event than a holiday to celebrate family and love. We have even let the purchasing of gifts takeover thanksgiving.
People spend all thanksgiving day celebrating family, friends, and gratitude then at 8PM they go and get in fights and riots about deals completely contradicting what they just celebrated. One woman went as far as stealing a veggie steamer from a small childs hands, resulting in a major fight in Saginaw, Michigan this year. When did “Tis’ the season to be jolly” become “Tis’ the season for merchandising?”
According the in the year 2015 the average amercian spends $830 on their children and loved ones, but why? It’s always nice when someone gives you a gift, but the idea that we have to give objects and things to show someone our gratitude or affection towards them is completely wrong. Instead of showing love to someone by handing them a gift on December 25th we should show we love each other all year long.
We should be showing people we care about them but it doesn’t need to be so materialistic. Show your loved ones how much you care about them by spreading your love and cheer everywhere around you this holiday season.