Nothing After Morning

Noah Svidron, Staff Writer

Nothing after morning

The thoughts that crash through my mind,

Feelings engulfing me.

Love, imagined as incomparable.

I close my eyes.

pain, the emotion that endlessly flows.

Are they connected?

I roll in the late of night,

my brain flowing deep.

The only thing I see…

is you.

Its as if you are part of me,

the only necessity in a world full of wonder.

But, it cannot be,

you and me.

Pain and love,

you and me.

Death and hope,

you and me.

the past and the future,

you and me.

A dream, always inducing

a thought of us.

Our time together is done,

the battle we fought is not won.

My heart ripped apart,

its time to move on.

The clock sings,

my eyes are opened.

You leave my mind,

my day has begun.