Secret Art

Hidden and kept from sight,
From unwelcome, prying, scrutinizing eyes.
A passion only an artist can understand…
Words with double meanings…
Sentences flow into beautiful thoughts and
Onto crisp white paper
In time with the artist,
And on the artist’s schedule.

Colors and hues,
Verbs and adjectives,
Tastes and smells,
The good and the bad,
Protagonists and antagonists,
Emotions and plots.
All raw creations from the
Author’s mind.
They love them all despite
The flaws and the strengths.
The characters stand by their creator
Because without them, they themselves
Would be nothing.

Countless hours spent on something
Time seems to freeze as the words flow
Into reality.
Heart and soul have gone into this piece…
No one cares, but they aren’t supposed to.
That’s how the artist likes it.
As a secret.

People know, people talk,
But the artist keeps their work
It’s appreciated better that way.
When no one knows,
It keeps the lucky interested.
Adds mystery and flavor to the
Amazing work.

No matter what it may be,
Or painting,
Fame and recognition
Doesn’t matter.
The artist loves it,
And that is what is important.