Haunting Memories

Haunting Memories

Kolony Miller, Online Editor/Staff Writer

Haunting Memories



Take me back,

to when we met,

to our one year anniversary.

Take me back,

to homecoming and prom,

to all the pictures we took.

Now burn those pictures.

Erase all those memories.


You started with the constant lies.

“You’re sick”

“You’re hanging with your friends”

“You had to work a long shift”

But where were you really?


Were you holding her in your arms

like you did to me?

Telling her you loved her

when you told me the same?

What did you mean?

Who did you really mean?



The worst part is the memories,

Both beautiful and tragic.

My promposal I received in Disney World,

the matching shirts we bought at the beach,

the surprise party you threw for my 14th.

All disappear with the vision of

finding you with her.


Moving on is so difficult,

all I want is what we had.

I hear your name in every whisper,

You haunt my every dream.

Now I feel like I’ll never

truly be loved again.


I never thought I would feel heartbreak.

Sleepless nights,

The constant crying,

The realization that the one I loved,

hurt me the most.

But it’s a lesson learned,

I deserve way better than you,

and now I am stronger.