Battle of the Bands

Battle of the Bands

Natalie Nakles and Battle of the Bands Opinions

“I thought that Natalie’s makeover was great.  She performed well.”

Collin Cimba, Junior

“I like how Natalie incorporated the piano into her performance.”

Alexis Yazge, Junior

“I was surprised at the outcome of Battle of the Bands.  Everyone did a good job.  Jim Rit shredded the guitar.”

Josh Shoemaker, Senior

“I thought Battle of the Bands was really interesting.  Seeing how Natalie progressed and seeing the other bands was interesting, too.”

Rebecca Baldonieri, Sophomore

“I thought that Battle of the Bands could have been a lot better.  I think the band with the trumpet should have won.  They were the best.”

Jessica Falbo, Junior

“I was surprised with the performance of Natalie Nakles.”

Matt Halula, Senior

“Battle of the Bands was stupid.  I thought that it was going to be better.”

Elizabeth Stape, Junior

“I thought that MTV was going to send someone to be a judge.  Natalie was different and unexpected.  I’m glad that she went onstage.”

Elly Hu, Junior

“I didn’t know that Natalie had that scream in her.”

Jake (Jokobii) Stewart, Senior

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