Operation Christmas Child

Philanthropy runs deep Greater Latrobe High School. The entire school was able to be a  part of Operation Christmas Child which is a project created by an organization known as Samaritan’s Purse. The goal of the group is to spread love, support and kindness in many different forms. For the past five years Greater Latrobe’s Prayer and Worship Club has been collecting gifts from generous students and faculty to make a difference in the lives of kids from around the world.

“It gives Christmas gifts to kids in a third world country,” said Caitlin Hennessey. “The boxes are usually filled with toys, clothes, hygiene products, and school supplies.”

All gifts were returned to Mr Duda’s room where they were wrapped in fancy shoe boxes with a ribbon and name tag included. About 12 “elves” from PAW, Fellowship of Christian Athletes and Key Club helped to pack all of the boxes.

Members of PAW strive to provide students of faith with the opportunity to meet and discuss Biblical principles, to pray, to talk about issues that are concerning them, and to serve the community. Mr. Duda supervises, with Bobby Jo Knouse acting as president of the club. Students who are involved in PAW also get to experience doing the charity work for Operation Christmas Child, from organization to collection to delivery.

    “Operation Christmas Child is a very reputable and worthy charity. The students get to put their faith into action, which is ultimately the point of having faith. Therefore Greater Latrobe’s PAW Club and the generosity of the student body and faculty have provided hundreds of shoe boxes full of gifts to Operation Christmas Child,” said Duda.

Members of  PAW asked teachers and students to bring in toys or other supplies to fill up shoe boxes for kids who are in need. “This is the season of giving. I believe that students should give to others that are unfortunate,” said Mrs. Bryner.

“I brought gifts in for the children, because everyone needs to experience the joy of Christmas,” said senior Parker Eckman.

Greater Latrobe’s student body and Faculty will continue to thrive by helping kids have a wonderful Christmas. For the past five years it has been a great success, and it will continue to put smiles on kids faces on Christmas morning.