EWCTC: Student Spotlight

Ashley Elkobi – Junior – Health Occupation


Ashley Elkobi is a junior at Greater Latrobe who attends the Eastern Westmoreland Career and Technology Center. She has been in Health Occupations since her Sophomore year. Ashley says she loves spending her half- days at EWCTC with Mrs. McCreery.

“It’s a big class and the skills we do are fun. There isn’t a lot of book work like there was last year. The girls get along for the most part, we are like one big family.” says Ashley.

She took the course because she wants to be a nurse when she graduates in 2015. Right now, the class is getting ready for clinical, in which a group of the girls attend a nursing home for a day to take care of residents.

Elkkobi wants to be a nurse anesthetist, which is a nurse that specializes in the administration of anesthesia. They usually make more money and the career is more in depth than a regular nurse. They control the anesthesia during surgery.

Ashley claims that if you want to partake in this course you have to want to do something in the medical field. Although, she also said that the class is really fun if you want to be a nurse, and it really does help your future career a whole lot. The skills you learn in Health Occupations are the skills you’re going to need to know in the future.


Caleb Depree – Senior – Graphic Commuications

Caleb Depree is a senior from Greater Latrobe who attends the Eastern Westmoreland Career and Technology Center. He has been in Graphics since his first year at EWCTC as a sophomore. He fairly enjoys his half- days spent in Mr. Polinsky’s Graphic Communications class.

Depree took this course because of the freedoms he has in his creativity and he also likes being able to make his own designs. He also stated, “graphics is a much more broader topic than everyone thinks. It has it’s ups and it’s downs, but for the most part I really do enjoy it.”

WHAT IS HE DOING!“Sometimes you get very tedious tasks but other times you get the freedom of being creative with your projects.”

Graphics is an extremely friendly environment and Caleb strongly suggests the course.