Best Picture Nominees of the 2013 Oscars


The Oscars is a celebration for the best films of the year and the people who made each film unique, and they deserve to be recognized for their combined hard work. Even though there was only one Best Picture winner, all of these films have achieved huge recognition. So I present to you the films that were nominated for Best Picture and why you should see them.

If you liked: Titanic, Away From Her
A realistic love story that has almost unrecognizable tints of “The Notebook” in it. It’s a bittersweet movie, and not for people who always want a happy ending. There’s a dark tone and heartbreaking quality about this film, but it really does change your view on “love”.

Argo (won Best Picture)
If you liked: Good Night And Good Luck, Charlie Wilson’s War
This is actually not just for history buffs. The extremely well written/adapted script also earned an Oscar and truly embodies the American spirit. It’s a patriotic movie that may not appeal to everyone, but you’ll still leave the theater feeling extremely productive.

Beasts of the Southern Wild
If you liked: Where the Wild Things Are, The Help
This riveting film captured a handful of nominations from the Academy. This movie is about a poverty stricken girl whose imagination is larger than life and the Southern setting makes it all the more creative and enjoyable.

Django Unchained
If you liked: Die Hard, Uncle Tom’s Cabin
This Quentin Tarantino movie is disguised as an action film that is actually pretty historically accurate. Mothers across America can cheer that their children have actually learned something that is valuable to the nation’s history watching something so violent.

Les Miserables
If you liked: Chicago, the French Revolution
I know, there’s a lot of singing. But the powerful messages in this film are timeless and the tear jerking story will win you over. The French Revolution has never been this attractive.

Life Of Pi
If you liked: Life of Pi (book), Hugo
Life Of Pi is a visually stunning film that will leave you with a deeper appreciation for what you have. The end of the film will leave you with a survival message that will be with you for awhile.

If you liked: history in high school, books about Presidents
If you’re not a history buff, there is a chance that you will not enjoy this movie. After you see this, Daniel Day-Lewis’ face will always pop up when you think of Abraham Lincoln. This film shows you a more human, complex side of the 16th President and his careful decisions that have affected the nation even now.

Silver Linings Playbook
If you liked: 500 Days of Summer, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
When two mentally unstable people fall in love, the way to being stable is never going to be easy. It’s a breezy romantic comedy that doesn’t feel like one and how the rebuilding of one’s life is a challenge that you never want to face alone.

Zero Dark Thirty
If you liked: The Hurt Locker, Act of Valor
This slow paced film doesn’t leave out any details about the killing of Osama Bin Laden, and some people will love the precise storyline. This film has been dubbed as “The greatest manhunt in history”, and it really is a spectacular recounting of such an important moment in American history.