The Vow


Everyone wants that one person to sweep them off of their feet and be their soul mate forever. When Paige (Rachel McAdams) meets the love of her life Leo (Channing Tatum), she is amazed by their extreme bond and connection. After one unfortunate snowy night, things would never be the same.

                Leo and Paige were meant for each other since meeting for the first time. After getting married at the Art Institute of Chicago, the newlywed couple became inseparable and vowed to be there “for better or for worse, to have and to hold, ‘til death do they part.”. These words were tested after a horrible car accident during a bad snowstorm. Leo and Paige were hit by a truck. Because she wasn’t wearing a seatbelt, Paige’s body was flown through the windshield. She went into a coma while her husband Leo luckily only suffered minor injuries.

                When finally waking up with brain damage, she has no memory of Leo or the moments that they shared together before the accident. Even though she doesn’t remember her husband, she still has an idea of her family and old high school friends after her parents come to the hospital for the first time. 

                In the time of her recovery, Leo doesn’t have a clue what to do. All he knows is that he will stick by his wife no matter what. He continues to try to get his wife to remember their life together but she still doesn’t remember a single thing. To try and get his wife to remember their life together, Leo takes Paige out on dates to where they first met and their favorite restaurants as a reminder. The Vow is a romantic eye-catching film that will have you in tears from the joy of the marriage and how things changed in a sudden moment of the accident. It brings the meaning of love to life on another level with a guy who is head over heels for his wife, and just wants her to love him again, even if it takes a lifetime