Baseball Team Chemistry is Sparkling with Diamonds


Chemistry is an essential part of any team, organization, or group. It can be the difference between a team winning or losing. Some people say that they would rather have an average team with good chemistry versus a good team with no chemistry. So, being in sync with your teammates is a huge deal–especially for the Greater Latrobe Wildcat Baseball team. 


For the ‘Cats, chemistry is built from day one. “I’ve played with some of my teammates for my entire baseball career,” says senior Tony Massari. “It is something that is built up since little league, all the way until now.” With many kids playing for Latrobe Little League [Erick Batista, Logan Bradish, Tyler Fazekas]  and West Point Little League [Dante Basciano, Tony Massari], some players have known each other since they were five years old.


The chemistry between the Wildcats in past years has been a main reason for their success. From winning the PIAA state championship in 2017 to making the playoffs every year since then, with a strong dependence on each other. “We know that we can trust each other to go out into the field and do our jobs. We have faith in each other,” said Massari.


 “Last year went so well for us because of the fact that we could be serious on the field, but off the field, we could be like brothers.” The 2022 senior group really knew how to lead a team. With 10 seniors, leadership was everywhere you looked. Bobby Fetter, Vinny Amatucci, and Jake Albaugh really set a tone for this year’s senior group. They were strong captains, but goofballs at the same time.


Having good team chemistry also makes the game more fun. “Last year’s team was the most fun team that I have ever been on. I think it’s because we were good and we could be loose and relax at the same time,” said senior, second baseman, Dante Basciano. Playing loose helps a player play better than when nervous.


Coach Basciano drills into the perspective players’ minds from the start of the summer until the season starts in the spring: The team comes before you. This helps the players get into a “Team-First” mindset for the spring. This is also another way that the ‘Cats have been successful in the past years as “Coach Bas” prepares the players.


When it comes down to team chemistry, the Cats have it. That “IT” factor. They have been playing together for their whole lives. They have trust in each other and they love each other like brothers. They will always be there for their teammates. These relationships with each other will last a lifetime like no other high school friendship.