Louis Amatucci is the Best at Life


High school is a time to find passions, find yourself, and find friends for life. Louis (Lou) Amatucci has experienced this and then some. During the spring, Louie uses two sticks. One on the ice, and one on the diamond.

Louie has been involved in sports for his entire life. He’s been playing for as long as he can remember and he started organized hockey and baseball at the age of five. “Hockey and baseball have both played big roles in my life and development as a person,” said Louie. Sports have helped him better his communication, make many memories, and create so many relationships. 


Lou represents by being on the varsity Greater Latrobe ice hockey as a defenseman and the baseball team as a catcher. He is a great communicator and teammate, so he is a perfect fit for his positions!


He’s also involved in the Challenge Program. “The Challenge Program is a great motivation for students to try their best and become the best students they can be.” The program allows students to push their boundaries and become future leaders. It helps create good habits and teaches students how to be leaders in their communities. He also said it also looks great for college applications and can lead to scholarships because of the leadership attributes that the students gain.


Louie is always on the run with his sports and exercise. In a typical five-day week, he has about three or four practices and either one or two games just for the hockey team. Since hockey is a winter sport and baseball is a spring sport, hockey takes precedence over baseball at the moment. “For baseball, we have about two practices each week and we lift in the morning on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 6:00 AM,” said Louie.


On any given night, Louie is running until the sun goes down. Louie said, “It depends. On some nights I’m done by 5:00 PM or other nights I’m running until 11 o’clock.” With all of his sports and academics, Louie is on the run nonstop.


Lou is a large contributor to his community and to all of his teams. He is a great teammate and classmate. He is a heck of a person and has a future full of potential. Lou intends to pursue hockey in college and study education. With his experience with The Challenge Program, plus being a leader on the ice and diamond, he will become a great teacher! With the hockey season coming to an end and baseball season up next, Louie will be busy and continue his work for his future.