Brayden Johnson Park Skiing


If you see a vivid blue green and brown L.L Bean windbreaker cruising through the parks at Seven Springs, you’ll be sure to know that’s Brayden Johnson. 

It isn’t very warm, but this season hasn’t been too cold so he has gotten so much use out of it. Aside from it not being warm, it is definitely worth being worn all the time because of what it represents up on the hill. It fits Brayden perfectly with a variety of colors to really shape together a nice ski outfit. 

Another piece of clothing Brayden wears is his Arsenic Anywhere pants. These pants represent so much while skiing, since the brand name “Arsenic Anywhere” means skiing “With the right people”, and is definitely something special to be worn while skiing. 

Another thing Brayden is able to rock while skiing are his blue Atomic boots, and K2 Mushroom skis. The way the boots and skis contrast off eachother create a perfect glow while flying down the hill that is sure  to be seen by everyone in the area. 

Not only does Brayden do it right when it comes to the clothes he wears and  the equipment he uses, but still is able to pull off style when it comes to safety. The helmet he wears is able to tie his outfit together entirely by having a darker shade of blue, matching up perfectly with everything below. 

There is definitely a lot more that goes into it than just skiing itself. Brayden definitely has a passion for skiing, and this is exactly why he has style on and off the mountain.