Lunches in Latrobe for Under $2.50


Greater Latrobe gives students bang for their buck when it comes to the school lunches. Just compare the cost of our lunch ($2.20) with what you can get elsewhere at fast food restaurants for under $2.50!

  1. A large order of curly fries from Arby’s $2.19
  2. A junior Roast Beef and value fries from Arby’s $2.12
  3. A small cup of Italian ice from the Meadows $2.50
  4. A child size cup of custard or yogurt with one topping from the Meadows $2.40
  5. A small frappe from McDonald’s $2.43
  6. A small order of fries and four chicken nuggets $1.98
  7. A kid’s size cheeseburger from Burger King $1.24
  8. Whopper Jr. burger with cheese from Burger King $2.09
  9. An extra large coffee from Dunkin Donuts $2.17
  10. A bagel with cream cheese from Dunkin Donuts $1.90