Scarves – The Warmest Fashion Trend


As the weather changes and the 2011-2012 winter season begins, a popular trend can be seen all over the school. Scarves are the hottest—and warmest—thing in fashion right now. But do you know all the possible ways to wear a scarf?


You can go with a classic wrap-and-drape by following what senior Allison Wisyanski did with her plaid blue and white scarf. This is accomplished by simply wrapping the accessory once around your neck and letting each end hang down your front.


The Infinity Loop, fashioned by Danielle Pratt, is also a current trendy adornment. Depending on the length of the loop, wrap it around your neck as many times as necessary.


Alex Brant arranges her scarf in a popular manner by folding the scarf in half, wrapping it around the back of her neck, and looping the ends into where the fold occurs.


Angela Peretti wears a German scarf in a unique fashion, simply draped around the back of her neck. This style works best with shorter scarves like the brightly colored one she is sporting.


Tying your scarf in a single knot down your front is yet another way to add a flare to your wardrobe. Haley Sheffield shows off this style with her maroon and white plaid scarf.

There you have it; five different ways in which you can rock this winter season in the popular scarves. Ranging anywhere from bright colors, to plaid, to warm and fuzzy, there is a scarf for everyone!