Skiers of Greater Latrobe

As we move into the ski season, Everyone prepares themselves for what is about to happen. Skiing can be such a mentally and physically draining sport. So much can go into the sport before the start of the season to get yourself ready in every way. Some students were interviewed at Greater Latrobe, and get their outlook on how the season will go for them. Jack Stein is definitely ready to go. He said “My favorite trick is lip on blind two, but I’d definitely like to push myself this season and learn some bigger jump tricks.” I definitely agree with Jack when he says this, but bigger jump tricks can definitely be a lot to prepare for, but such a fun time. Jason Spillar was asked a few questions on his plans for this season. He said, “I’m definitely there to have a fun time, but plan on getting clips of everyone hitting big tricks in the parks.” People like Jason are so helpful to the sport because they keep the good  times going while helping us out with clips in the parks.